..Commercial Site Fee
and Agreement.

Site License
Commercial use of my graphics is allowed for most sites for a very modest fee of 
$55.00. This is a one time fee and allows you to use as many images as you like. The usage must be in the design of your site, not to create an image archive to offer to the public. Public archiving of my images is not allowed, whether for free or a fee. The site license is good for the life of your site. You're free to come back anytime and use new images when you're ready to change your look or add to your site.

A license is required for each site if you have more than one. A 25% discount is offered for registering 3 or more sites at the same time. When you purchase the site license let me know the appropriate number of licenses needed, and request the 25% discount be applied when you list your 3 or more sites.

A linked logo is only required on the opening page of your website when a commercial license has been purchased.

Do All Sites Qualify?
Site licenses are granted upon receipt of the
$55.00. However, sites that deal in pornography, or sites that encourage racism, hate, illegal activity, or insurgency are not allowed. Sites of this nature will have the license revoked and will forfeit the $55.00 fee for wasting my time. If in doubt, ask first and I'll be happy to check your site before you order.

Non-Profit Sites
Non-profit sites do not have to purchase a site license, but are required to submit your site for approval and register the URL. Non-profit sites are required to post a link back to Rhio's Sampler on each page in which my graphics and/or backgrounds appear.

Ordering Information

All commercial sites must register when first purchasing a license. Simply send me your web site URL by e-mail to: rhio@rhiossampler.net  Subject "License", and I will contact you.

Use of Rhio's Sampler Graphics in books
The use of Rhio's Sampler graphics in personal books, CD's or scrapbooks is allowed with permission to use them, and they are not for sale to anyone.  Books for publication and sale must first get permission from Rhio's Sampler and remit a one time fee of $125.00.



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