AOL default*

Important Notice for AOL users

If you are using AOL 9 you need to read this page to change your settings
 when downloading
graphics from Rhio's Sampler.

By default, AOL distorts graphics by compressing graphics
even more than .jpg and .gif files are already compressed.  This automatically alters my graphics.

Earlier versions of AOL browsers follow these directions OR see these websites.

IF you don't follow these instructions, your graphics may not be seen by those using Netscape and IE browsers.
AOL browsers compress graphics and give them an .art extension instead of .gif and .jpg.
All browsers read gif's and .jpg's but not .art files.

Turn off the "Compress Graphics"option
located in your PREFERENCES menu.   (this will bring up a screen with options.)
Open option INTERNET PROPERTIES WWW.(this brings up another screen with more options.)
Open WEB GRAPHICS (unselect the box to turn off "COMPRESS GRAPHICS".

To check your html pages after uploading them, right click on the page and select "view source".
If there are any graphics with an .art extention, your graphics will appear discolored,  distorted, skewed or
appear as corrupted or don't display at all by some browsers.

These pages were created using Netscape Composer.
They are best viewed by Netscape and IE.


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